RickExpress has many distinguished titles — singer, songwriter, composer, producer, pianist and recording artist. But above all, he is defined by his unconditional passion for music, storytelling and sharing his Neo-Soul sound with his diverse and rapidly growing fan base. The youngest sibling and only boy in his family, RickExpress began pursuing a career in music at a very young age when his family discovered his distinct, soulful voice and his undeniable passion for sharing his creativity.

From the first time he stepped on stage, he felt an unwavering bond to performance and to his loyal fans ranging from young adult to older generations. They find his music soothing, healing, timeless, powerful and evocative. Although he lends himself to the Neo-Soul genre, RickExpress describes his lyrics, sound and style as “soulful, moving and ahead of the times.”

Fresh, funky, future-forward. RickExpress’s innovative sound is characteristic of soulful roots layered with hints of jazz, blues and gospel. He has performed both nationally andinternationally, gaining praise, recognition and notoriety for his unique vocals and electrifying stage presence.
Born in North Carolina, RickExpress moved to Boston, Massachusetts at eighteen years old after being accepted to Berklee College of Music, where he studied music performance and production. Since graduation in May 2016, he has startedrecording a debut album while collaborating with dozens of groundbreaking artist.
RickExpress’s artistic vision revolves around bringing back real R&B music with classic soulful beats and evocative lyrics that resonate with lovers of all genres. Also, he has had a lifelong intimate relationship with fashion, identified by his sleek, fashion-forward attire paired with a classic oversized fedora. RickExpress loves exploring all creative forms, describing that real creativity comes to life “when darkness meets the light of my music.”